Kaju katli

Its one of the most popular Indian sweets. We can’t imagine festivals without kaju katli. Best part is it’s required simple three ingredients.

When you are away from your home country you have more craving of eating sweets. I had tried my hand on kaju katli first time and came awesome. I am just giving steps by steps instructions to make perfect kaju katli.

Preparation time : 10 mins

Cooking time : 25mins

Cusine : Desert

Ingredients :

1 cup cashew nuts

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

Ghee for greasing

Steps for making Kaju Katli :

1. Transfer cashew nuts in a grinder to make a fine powder, do not over grind it and make sure cashew nuts have room temperature.

2.Add sugar and water in a pan and cook on a medium flame.

3.Stir continously until sugar dissolve and add cardamom powder.

4.Cook until syrup turns thick. Do not wait until it reaches to 1-string consistency.

5.Reduce flame to low and add cashew powder.

6.Stir the mixed properly.

7. Cook and mix continously until mixture thickness and turn into big single lump it will take around 10 minutes to reach the stage. Don’t over cook the mixture. Turn off the flame and let it cool for 5-6 minutes.

8. Grease the back side of thali with the ghee. Knead the mixture for few minutes.

9.Roll it out 1/3 inch thick round shape using Indian rolling pin.

10. Cut it using knife into diamond shape pieces. Let it cool for 3-4 minutes separate pieces.

Tips and variations:

1. Always use room temperature kaju for grinding.

2. If the mixture is hard after cooking add few drops of milk and knead until it smooth.

3. Always use air container for storing kaju katli and refrigerate it.

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