Welcome to the blog of swatishomekitchen.com.. Cooking is my passion. Through this blog just wanted to fulfill my dream of cooking and expand the horizon of my knowledge across all foodies. Whenever I get time I start writing the blog. I started Facebook page earlier and got amazing response. So I thought of starting my own food blog. I always believe in healthy cooking which includes less oil, less use of cornflour, try to avoid use of maida, less sugar and other things which are not very nutritious and health conscious.

Being the mother of two kids I was always inclined towards healthy cooking. I have done my Masters in HR and Computer Management, People asked me why I want to move myself towards cooking. Just because of my Husband, as he always wanted me to fulfill my passion.

This main aim of starting this blog is to impart my knowledge of cooking to all my friends who are passionate either about eating or cooking. At the same time also sharing the thoughts with other like minded bloggers and also try to understand their views and opinions about different kinds of dishes either from India and abroad.

One of the main objectives of this blog is to keep all food lovers updated about their favourite dishes and also help moms who are irritated by the same Q everyday what to cook for kids and also something special for the hubbies on weekend.

Hope you all will like my blog and I am always open for suggestions and opinions on the same.