Tutti Frutti Ice cream

Tutti frutti ice cream recipe is an easy version of tutti frutti ice cream without using condensed milk.Soft creamy ice cream with tutti frutti bites tastes delicious. I am posting this recipe accordingly Indian season. During childhood we always wait for the summer to eat varieties of ice cream, If its homemade it give double happiness.

This recipe take me down my childhood memory lane. I remember relishing tonnes of this delicious flavour throughout my childhood summers. It brought the memories of time spended with cousins specially.

The word tutti frutti is derived from the Italian language which means all fruit.

 Preparation time- 8 hrs

Ingredients for Tutti Fruti Icecream:

Full cream milk 500ml

Cornflour powder – 1 tbsp

GMC powder – 1 tbsp

Tutti fruti- 2 tbsp

CMC powder 1/4 tsp

Sugar – 8 tbsps

Whipping cream – 1:2 cup

Orange colour- 1 tsp

Steps for making Ice cream:

1. Firstly, take fresh milk in a pan.

2. Now divide the milk into two equal parts.

3. In one part of the milk add cornflour, gms, cmc powder and sugar . Mix it well.

4. Boil the other part of the milk on medium flame.

5. Once it starts boiling than add milk in which we have added all the powder in step (3). Add gradually and continuously strain it.

6. Keep stirring until it became thick it take 2-3 mins.

7. Keep it aside and let it get cool at room temperature. Once it get cool than transfer it into air tight container and keep in the refrigerator for 5 hrs or until it get set.

8. After 5 hrs take out icecream from refrigerator. Now we can icecream is ready. Or we can say base for the icecream is ready.


9. Transfer base icecream in to the big bowl.

10. Now add orange colour and whipping cream,beat the icecream for 10 minutes in medium speed using electronic beater.

11. After beating we can see icecream just got double in quantity and it looks creamy.

12. Now add tutti frutti.

13. Now transfer the mixture into air tight container and cover it. Keep it in freezer for 4-5 hrs or until it get set.

14. Now after 5 hrs. Icecream is ready to serve.

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