Chilli paneer

Chilli paneer is an Indo-Chinese base recipe. It’s one of the most popular dishes. It’s a tasty and spicy paneer dish you can use in a main course or as a side dish. From kids to elders everyone loves it. So if this is everybody’s favorite it should be easy and tasty to make it.

Make this Indo-Chinese dish with paneer, capsicum, onion and sauces. Its always recommended deep frying of marinated paneer cubes for best taste… But I have done shallow fry.

Ingredients :

Ingredients :

200 grams paneer

3 tbsp corn flour

3 tbsp maida

1/2 tsp pepper

Salt as needed

Oil for shallow fry

1 tsp garlic

2-3 spring onions green Chopped

2 – 3 green chilies

1 /2 tsp vinegar

1 /2 tbsp soya sauce

1 tbsp chilli sauce

1 capsicum (cubed)

1 onion white (cubed)

Steps and Pictures

  1. Add cornflour,maida, salt and pepper powder to a bowl.

  1. Make a thick batter adding water the same way make for pakodas. Put pieces of paneer in a batter.

  1. Heat a pan and pieces of paneer on a medium flame. Make sure pieces should not stick to each other.
  2. Fry till it turns into golden.

  1. Drain them on a kitchen tissue

  1. Heat oil in a pan. Add garlic saute for 2 mins then add onions and capsicum and saute on high flame for 2 mins.

  1. Now add all sauces, vingear and water.

  1. Boil it for a few minutes.. Next add pepper, paneer and spring onions..

  1. Serve hot

Tips and Varriations

  1. We can change the consistency of gravy by adding water.
  2. Maida is optional, if you want u can make without it or can add any other flour.

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