White Whole Wheat Pasta

Its a perfect creamy, chessy pasta recipe which is pack with veggies. It does not need any special sauce preparation.The recipe has 4-5 different vegetables which make it really nutritious. This is one of the best ways to serve vegetables to kids. Once you master the basics you can customize this recipe in many different ways and now you can enjoy delicious white Whole wheat pasta.

Preparation time – 5 minutes

Cooking time – 10 minutes

Serve – 4

Ingredients for pasta:

3 cup pasta

5 cups water

1 tsp salt

1 tsp oil

1/2 cup carrot 🥕 chopped

1/2 cup broccoli 🥦 chopped

1 /2 cup beans chopped

1/2 cup green capsicum chopped

1 /2 cup red pepper chopped

1/2 yellow pepper chopped

For white sauce:

3 tbsp butter

2 tbsp chopped garlic

3 tbsp whole wheat flour

3 cups milk

1 /2 tsp dried oregno

1/2 tsp black pepper powder


1. Boil raw pasta according to the instructions on the package. Boil until it becomes soft.

2. Drain excess water using strainer.

3. Wash and cut all the vegetables.

4. Heat oil in a pan and cook chopped vegetables for 2-3 minutes.

5. Heat butter and add finely chopped garlic. Then saute for few seconds.

6. Add flour, stir continuously and cook for few minutes.

7. Pour milk slowly, stirring continuously with a whisk.

8. Cook until mixture starts to thicken. It will take around 3 – 4 minutes Add salt and spices.

9. Add saute vegetables and pasta.

10. Turn off the flame mix well.

11. Garnish it with grated cheese, serve hot.

Tips and Variations

1. For best result try to use cheddar cheese

2. For healthy recipe use whole wheat pasta

3. You can use all purpose flour instead of wheat flour.. All purpose flour always give better taste but not healthy

4. Always serve pasta immediately.

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