Basic cooking Tips

Indian food has to be cooked with confidence. There is no special pots and pans needed for cooking. Just a basic kadhai is enough.

1. Soft chapati

For making soft chapati whole wheat flour combined with salt, warm water and 1tsp oil. The kneading of the dough play very important role to make chapatis soft.

2. Curry that got too salty

Adding potato or sugar help balance the salty taste.

3. Whole spices and spice powder

Always stock up on spices in small batches, so they have their freshness till the last.

4. Boiling potatoes and eggs

Always add a pinch of salt to the water. This will help peel the skin later.

5. Rajma and White channa

If you forget to soak Rajma and Channa.. Soak in hot water for 2hrs.

6. Kadhi pakoda

While making kadhi pakoda, slightly press pakodas from your hand and then add it in boiling kadhai, it will be more tasty.

7. Making thick curd.

Use warm milk while making curd. It will be thicker.

8. Crispy puri

To prepare crispy puri add small quantity of rava in wheat flour while kneading.

9. Keep fresh leafy vegetables

Wrap green leafy vegetables in newspaper before refrigerating to keep them fresh for long.

10. Noodles and Pasta

After boiling noodles and pasta, place it immediately in cold water for relishing the string separately.

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