How to make ghee

I must say Indian cooking is incomplete without ghee in the kitchen or I can say purée ghee which is required for complete Indian cooking . Which enhance the taste of dishes. Ghee also known as Clarified butter.

From the childhood every Indian heard benefits of ghee from our grandmother. How it benefits for our body specially to younger kids. We needed every day for chapatis, making pulses, parthas, halwas. It become more demanding during festival season for making sweets.

After shifting from India to abroad some time time it’s very difficult to buy ghee of your choice after getting so much frustrated, I thought of making ghee at home. Earlier I thought It would be difficult to make at home.

Actually it’s a myth. It take few steps and you have a purée ghee in your kitchen. Making ghee from butter it’s one of the simple recipe which take few minutes and the result is awesome.

In this recipe I have used 3 pack of unsalted butter each 200 grams. I got 450 grams butter from it. You can make according to your usage at your home. You can store for a month easily.

I always keep stock for a month. If you wish you can make for 2-3 months stock together. Store it carefully it shouldn’t come in contact with wet spoon or any moisture.

Cooking time -15 minutes

Preparation time – 5 minutes

Total time- 20 minutes

Steps and Images

1. Put heavy bottom pan on the gas. Now melt the butter in a pan on medium flame. To fasten the process keep the butter out of the refrigerator before making.

2. The butter will turn yellow colour and white foam will start.

3. After 6-7 mins bubbles will increase. Keep stirring.

4. Keep stirring in between till crystal turned into golden colour.

5. Now the ghee is prepared. Turn off the flame.

6. Let it allow to cool to room temperature. Now with the help of sieve strain the ghee.

Tips and Variations

1. Always try to use unsalted butter.

2. Always prepare ghee on medium flame.

3. Keep ghee away from moisture.

4. Keep ghee in air tight container.

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